Creating a Gateway

I’ve been trying to push into areas that I have previously been uncomfortable with. A big one of those for me is architecture. But, if I keep true to the way that I do things, I think I can make it work. As long as the shapes are compelling, it should work out, right? So, I’m going to take you briefly through the steps that ended up being this gateway drawing.

I have really found Pinterest to be a valuable tool in the early stages of bringing an idea to life. I like to go into the history section, and just scroll through, soaking up interesting compositions, lighting, shapes, etc. I’ll pin a few things that I find really compelling, and use those as a jumping off point. As you can see, I’m just using them for the broad strokes, not copying from them directly.

The photo of the Titanic propeller lead me to the circular shape that turned out to be the gateway, and the photo of an alley in Morocco by photographer Tine Law had some great light in it that I tried to bring into my drawing. With those things in mind, I just start letting my pencil wander around and find weird shapes and shadows. After much rendering, it’s done.

Gateway Part 2 Morocco Tine Law


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